Ean’s Lego Party









Ebirthday9My little guy turned four last week! This year, Ean asked for a Lego party. We didn’t do a big party, but E got to have his three cousins (the ones who are old enough) over for a sleepover. We ordered pizza, headed to the park then came back for dessert, lots of legos and a movie.

On the Lego Dessert Table:

Lego Cupcakes

Lego Cookies – Frosted sugar cookies with M&M’s. I did run across the idea on the internet, but have know clue where.

Candy – Yellow Gumballs, M&M’s, Twizzler Bites and Lego Candy.

Jones Soda

We used legos, stripy straws, cut out circles and lots of color to decorate. My mom and dad had bought me the wonderful cakeplate for my birthday…it was perfect! I designed the printables and invites. Jacob, Hannah, Clayton & Nora got legos & candy in their favor bags…which kept them all busy on Friday night.

In the past I have had some pretty crazy projects for Matt to do for the party. This time he  was pretty thankful he only had to construct an E made out of Legos…hey it is basketball season.  He did a pretty good job!