Ean’s Lego Party









Ebirthday9My little guy turned four last week! This year, Ean asked for a Lego party. We didn’t do a big party, but E got to have his three cousins (the ones who are old enough) over for a sleepover. We ordered pizza, headed to the park then came back for dessert, lots of legos and a movie.

On the Lego Dessert Table:

Lego Cupcakes

Lego Cookies – Frosted sugar cookies with M&M’s. I did run across the idea on the internet, but have know clue where.

Candy – Yellow Gumballs, M&M’s, Twizzler Bites and Lego Candy.

Jones Soda

We used legos, stripy straws, cut out circles and lots of color to decorate. My mom and dad had bought me the wonderful cakeplate for my birthday…it was perfect! I designed the printables and invites. Jacob, Hannah, Clayton & Nora got legos & candy in their favor bags…which kept them all busy on Friday night.

In the past I have had some pretty crazy projects for Matt to do for the party. This time he  was pretty thankful he only had to construct an E made out of Legos…hey it is basketball season.  He did a pretty good job!


Blurry Goodness

This past month has been a blur. We have been INSANELY busy. It seems this week we were able to catch our breath just a little. Here is a quick look at the past few weeks via Instagram:



About a month ago, we had two of our friends from Uganda come and stay with us. I can not tell you how precious this was. Ruth & Innocent live on the Islands of Lake Victoria in Uganda. This was their first time out of Africa and this happened to be Ruth’s first time trying pizza. She loved it. I can not begin to tell you how different life in America is from that in Uganda. We had so much fun together, but I also found myself asking a lot of hard questions. Embarrassment doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt as I brought them to my home, where my kids have rooms filled with toys and where I have every kitchen gadget ever created.

I am so selfish. But I am thankful for the time with my friends and I am thankful that God is using their stay to change me.

I learned something else about my sweet friend. She bakes all of the cakes for birthdays and celebrations on the islands. So we did a little baking together. Ruth tasted and made her first cupcake while she was here too. She will be heading back to Uganda with some new cake decorating supplies, which she is thrilled about.


Easter Love.

dessertEaster Dessert. Carrot cake with a cheesecake layer in the center. Not the best picture ever…however it is the only picture.

It got good reviews from my favorite critics.

The first half got eaten, the second made a huge mess on the way home.

Uganda Run

Last weekend was the 3rd Annual Uganda Living Water Run. This is one of my largest events of the year. This year (thanks to an amazing anonymous donor and our wonderful community) we raised over $4,000.  We have funded one well for Uganda and are on our way to our second.

You’re My Favorite Deputy!


Ean requested a Toy Story Birthday this year. The original plan was to have the party at our house with a movie night in the backyard, however, it seems like Ean’s birthday parties attract rain! So last Saturday morning resulted in a complete change of plans. The good news, Ean didn’t know the difference and he had a great time with a few of his friends and cousins!