4th of July Cake Pops

The fourth is just a few days away. I haven’t quite decided what is on the menu yet, but one has to consider this amazing flag made from cakepops!

Image from Party City


Bunny & Chick Cake Pops

I wanted to make a few cake pops for Easter; mainly for Ean and my niece and nephews, but they are a little treat that everyone enjoys! My mom even took some to share with her coworkers. You can find the Chicks in Bakerella’s Cake Pops. The Bunnies, I stumbled across in one of the most random places…Dillon’s Website (Dillon’s Cake Bites) I adapted it a bit for cake pops. For these, I used vanilla frosting and french vanilla cake. Have a very Happy Easter Weekend!

Bunny Cake Pops

1 package (16 oz) Vanilla Candy Coating

1 box  Cake Mix (plus ingredients for mix)

1 cup frosting, your choice of flavor

1 bag Large Marshmallows

Pink sanding sugar

Pink heart or flower -shaped sprinkles

Cake writing icing

48 lollipop sticks

Prepare and bake Cake Mix as directed on box; cool completely. Crumble cooled cake into a large bowl. Mix thoroughly with 1 cup frosting. Roll mixture into tablespoon size balls and place on cookie sheet; chill until firm.

Cut the edge of a marshmallow diagonally in the shape of bunny ears. These will form the bunny “ears.” Sprinkle with pink sanding sugar onto the sticky side of the marshmallow  for best results, press the sticky side of the marshmallow into the sprinkles.
 I did end up cutting additional off because it is a little too much marshmallow for a cake pop and I thought it ended up looking a little nicer.

Melt Vanilla  Candy Coating over low heat in a double boiler.

Dip tip of lollipop stick into candy coating. Insert stick a little over half way into the cake ball.  Coat the cake ball in the candy coating. After access coating has dripped off, let cake pops dry completely. I use Styrofoam to keep sticks vertical.

Before candy coating has set, place the ears on the top of the cake ball, and place one heart or flower-shaped sprinkle on the front of the cake ball for the nose.

Draw two dots for eyes with writing icing or melted semi-sweet chocolate.

Love Is Sweet

Making candy for Valentine’s day is one of my favorite things. It really is the perfect holiday to say ‘I think you are wonderful. Here are some really cute and tasty homemade candies.’ Plus when else during the year would anyone get away with that much red and pink…together?

Cake Pops Upper left

Thursday I got the privilege of making about 250 of these with some pretty amazing ladies. We spent the day turning these cute little things into a fundraising opportunity for missions. We made chocolate, vanilla and red velvet and had a lot of fun doing it.

I then came home and made another batch of them for friends and family. The ones above are strawberry cake pops…strawberry cake, strawberry frosting and white, pink and red candy coating. If you like strawberry these are to die for! I really can’t think of anything cuter than a dozen or so cake pops grouped together.

Baked Cake + 1 cup frosting + candy coating and sticks = amazing!

As I have stated before, there is plenty online about cake pops from people who have made hundreds more dozens than I have, so if you are interested Bakerell is a great place to start.

Truffles Upper Right

These are a Valentine’s Day tradition for me. Every year I make a batch or two of Oreo truffles. I love them…as do my friends. I prefer Oreo truffles as to chocolate cake truffles, the Oreo truffles have a richer taste, like a true truffle.

Oreo Truffles

1 package oreos (I like to use double chocolate, but you can mix it up with different flavors if you wish)

1 8 0z package cream cheese, softened

12-16 oz Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate, melted

Crush cookies to fine crumbs; place in medium bowl. Add cream cheese; mix until well blended. Roll cookie mixture into 42 balls, about 1-inch in diameter.

Dip balls in chocolate; place on wax paper-covered baking sheet. Garnish. I like to use different color melted wafer chocolate and pipe it on the tops, swirls, zigzags, hearts. You can use pretty much anything you can think up.

Let set, about 1 hour. Store leftover truffles, covered, in refrigerator.

Here is a little tip when dipping candy, they have a special tool to help allow the chocolate to drip off after dipping, if you don’t want to go purchase one of those…take a plastic fork and break the two center pieces out of it. It is exactly like the special tool, and you can just throw it in the trash!


These are super easy but they look so cute! You know those pink strawberry marshmallows that are everywhere you look right now? Well grab a bag and drizzle melted chocolate on them, cover immediately with Valentine’s day sprinkles. If you want you can even put them on a stick! So simple, but just an extra little something to make your table look prettier or fill up a clear little bag.

Chocolate Cake Pops

I made these Cake Pops for a baby shower that some girlfriends and I are hosting on Sunday. My sweet and talented friend Erin is working on the cupcakes, and I made these little guys.  The recipe is from Bakerell’s Cake Pops that I got for Christmas. To get you started the recipe calls for a baked cake from a box cake mix, I used chocolate. 3/4 tub of ready-made frosting. I actually was making some buttercream for a birthday, so I just used homemade. I will say this change makes the Cake Pops even tastier. Finally a bit of candy coating. You can check out Bakerell’s blog for more ideas and more of the recipe.