Uh Oh…

Last Friday the dreadful Err 99 filled my camera’s screen. It is actually a pretty terrible feeling when you take 25,000 pictures a year, but ultimately when your camera gets used that much what can you expect? I have asked Santa for a new camera and my current one is sent off in hopes of reviving it for a bit longer. In the whole scheme of things it isn’t really a big deal, but hopefully it won’t be long before my close companion is by my side.

Image found here.


Sesh Is Getting Married

My sweet friend Sesha is getting married in July! For those of you that may not know, I met Sesha when I was in college through an internship at Convey Studios. I then had the opportunity to work for Sesh for two years. She taught me so much and we had more fun than any two people are supposed to have at work. Some adventures may include (but are not limited to) meeting the president of Ethiopia, traveling to Vietnam and planning an extremely ridiculous fake wedding for a group of interns.

Getting back to the subject at hand. This past Saturday, two of her best friends, Amy & Stalena, threw her an amazing shower at the Pickwick House. I was so happy to catch up with friends as well as see Sesha open her gifts. I can’t tell you how great it is to see her so happy! Amy & Stalena did a fabulous job on the shower, it was one of my favorites!

As a side note to my wonderful cousin…I missed you, so this post is partly so you can feel like you didn’t miss any of it.

Polaroid Magnets

I came across these little magnets about a month ago, and have been wanting to make them ever since. This weekend I finally had the opportunity to get them finished. I found the link on Ambrosia Creative. They are super easy to make and extremely cute! I followed Jennifer’s tutorial to a T. I did use my own scanned in polaroid for the template, but she has one you can download too. My refrigerator is much happier with these little polaroids on them!