Girls Girls Girls!

I’m sorry I don’t have any recipes this week. Tomorrow is the Second Annual Uganda Living Water Run and I have been busy getting ready for that during the day…which means I have been extremely lazy in the evenings. Perhaps next week I will be back to a little baking…perhaps.

The weekend before last I had the privilege of having an extremely fun girl party with two of my closest friends. We are all expecting girls, Courtney and I’s due date is 5 days apart followed by Megan in July. Much needed girl time to say the least. We are pretty sure that people thought it was a bacholorette party with three (very) pregnant brides. None the less, there was lots of pink, amazing friends, baby stuff, yummy food, a hilarious game and lots and lots of laughing.

Thanks to our friends for coming and making the evening special and thanks to Karen, Tal and Becky for an amazing party! ūüôā

*Please note if this any of this post does not make sense, please know it is 2:00 in the morning and I can’t sleep.¬†

A Shower for Nora

This weekend my sister in law, Tina, and my good friend Terri hosted a sweet shower for Nora. I felt blessed and humbled by the shower itself and all of the gifts. I’m so grateful for such great friends and family. The girl might already have more shoes than Ean has had in his entire life…I’m ok with that.

The last photo is of my niece Hannah, preggers, and Tina. I love them so.

The Perfect Little Dot Cake

I saw this cake last night while spending some time on the internet. Fun & classy all in the same cake. Featured by Martha Stewart as a wedding cake, I think it could work for many occasions, showers, birthdays, whatever you might need this perfect little dot cake for. The color palette is phenomenal…and you have to love the cake stand too. It is one of my favorites. Hopefully it makes you a little happy today!

My Little Slugger Is 2!

Today my little guy turns 2! Two years have gone by fast. I can not imagine my life without him. Over the past six months, my son has developed a¬†obsession love for baseball. A couple of moths ago we decided on a vintage baseball theme for E’s second birthday. ¬†This past Saturday we had a baseball birthday for him in my parent’s field. The plan was to celebrate and play baseball and t-ball with friends, food and music, the bad news is that it poured about 35 minutes into the party. The good news, we relocated the party to my parent’s garage and I don’t think anyone cared (well except for maybe me). After the rain, there was a great rainbow.

I found inspiration on the internet and some things were just our ideas. My parents had some of the old coke boxes. Sweet Shop Lulu and Hobby Lobby were my go to places for straws, ribbon, popcorn containers etc. Everything else was pretty much DIY: the invites, packaging, labels, baseball buckets, pennants, cookies, cake pops, cake and cupcakes. My husband and dad even created the fences…they only cost about $10 total for the deck screws.

Happy Birthday E!!! Hope you thought your party was a home run. Love you more than you know!

Little Owl Friends

My friend Amanda is having a baby boy! I can’t wait to meet little Layden. The Saturday after we got back from vacation I helped her sister and mom with her shower. Her sister, Amber wanted to go with an owl theme so I made these cute owl cupcakes that she found¬†here, with a few adaption. ¬†You can find the recipe, the invites and a few photos from the shower below!

Chocolate Owl Cupcakes

12 chocolate cupcakes baked in brown paper liners

24 mini chocolate cupcakes baked in brown paper liners

24 cream filled chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos)

48 mini cream filled chocolate sandwich cookies (Mini Oreos)

About 3 cups chocolate frosting (I used this Chocolate Frosting recipe with added brown gel coloring, but store bought works too!)

24 brown M&M’s

48 brown mini M&M’s

18 yellow M&M’s cut into halves

Split the sandwich cookies, regular and mini, in half crosswise, keeping the cream side hole. Use a paring knife to remove any excess crumbs from cream filling.

To form the ears make 2 parallel cuts with a serrated knife in the large plain chocolate cookies 1/2 inch from each rounded side, discarding the 1/2 inch strip that remains from the center of the cookie. Cut the mini plain cookie in half.

Spoon 1 1/2 cups of the chocolate frosting into piping bags and set aside. Spread the remaining chocolate frosting on top of the standard and mini cupcakes and smooth.

To make the ears, attach the large cut cookies on top of the 12 standard cupcakes with some of the chocolate frosting, round side facing each other, at an angle, about 1 1/2 inches apart and hanging over edge of cupcake about 3/4 inch. Repeat process with the mini cut cookies and mini cupcakes, with a 1/2 inch overhang.

Place the large cream sided cookies, cream side up, on the upper half of the large cupcakes. Do the same for the mini cupcakes with the mini cookies

Pipe the chocolate frosting in vertical lines over the cookie ears to cover. Starting at the outer edge of cupcake pipe the feathers with the chocolate frosting around top of cupcake and under the eyes

Press a yellow M&M half in between the cookie eyes as the beak. Attach the brown M&M’s on top of the cookies with some of the vanilla frosting on the larger cupcakes and the mini brown candies for the smaller cupcakes. Position the eyes in different directions to give the owls a little character. You can attach the eyes with a little bit of frosting, but I found the eyes stuck to the cookies without it…probably the heat.