I Wasn’t Expecting That…

I’m a planner…sometimes (most of the time) to the point that it is a fault. I plan meals, my running route, parties, my day; I *heart* check lists.

I really am working on this.

Over the past two years of my life, there has been so much I never planned for myself. I can assure you none of us Type A personalities add divorce to our check lists. One could also never expect or plan for all of the lessons that come from it: lessons about self, vulnerability, people, family, healing, forgiveness, communication and the grace of a God who can bring such beauty from pain.

I also could have never dreamed that a really handsome, smart and kind guy I had known since middle school would end up being part of my life plans. In August of last year, I got a facebook message from Josh…this guy who I had been friends with in middle school and highschool and had bumped into occasionally over the past several years. We both found ourselves divorced with kiddos. So many details of our story you might not even believe: the timing, how we fit together, our families, our love of thin mints. Honestly, it’s all pretty crazy…well not the thin mint part…everyone loves those.

So then…this happened.

051_Campbell_6325 079_Campbell_0362 086_Campbell_0378 152_Campbell_0425 158_Campbell_6558 177_Campbell_6601 207_Campbell_6670 217_Campbell_0481


248_Campbell_0521 259_Campbell_0532

232_Campbell_0503 271_Campbell_0552 272_Campbell_0556

In June we got married, on the beach with our kiddos and families. Thankful for our families who helped make the day happen. It was a pretty perfect day.

We are now two months into this blending family thing…which has moments that will melt your heart and moments that will make you want to say curse words. I never expected Josh or being a step mom, it is so crazy good.

Images by Funes Photography




4 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Expecting That…

  1. What a beautiful love story. When you least expect changes they happen. There is always something good out of something bad. Life gives us lessons that can make us a stronger person. Best of luck to you and your new family ❤️

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