Spider Whoopie Pies


Halloween is just a few more days away! I am going to have to be honest, each year I love Halloween more and more. I love the color scheme and all the possibilities for sweets and snacks; plus it is the one time of year you get to dress up like whatever you want. It’s so so good.

A couple weeks back, Ean saw a spider whoopie pie kit at Target, and it quickly became his mission to make some. This is his spider whoopie pie. I helped with the eyes and he did the legs. So easy a 4 year old can do it. We used the Classic Whoopie Pie Recipe. Added black licorice legs (The thin licorice would have been best, but we had some already so we took the easy route) and eyes made of frosting and mini chocolate chips. He is becoming quite the little guy in the kitchen.

Here are a couple other spooky treats that are super fun for Halloween:

Love these Bats from One Sweet Appetite! 

These little monsters are so cute from Hungry Happenings.


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