A Very Special 30th!

Today, my cousin and dearest friend turns 30.

It is a fate I will also face in 44 days.

With my cousin Sarah and I being so close in age, it allowed us to cultivate an amazing friendship on top of being family. I love it. Even if it has been a while since a text, call or e-mail, it is like we never have missed a beat. Since Sarah is turning the big 30 today, I thought I would celebrate with my 30 favorite memories with her.

Happy 30th Sarah! Here is to many more memories together, including when we are old and wet our pants together!


4th of July, 1989. We were pretty cute. Sarah & Jen 30(Sorry for the crazy bangs in this picture…it is inevitable after shooting two weddings.)

30. The Zack Attack shirt you bought me for my birthday…probably in 1996. I have fond memories of Zach Morris and you when I think of it.

29. That one time you dressed up like an old lady for Halloween.

28. Trip to Laura Ingalls Wilder with your mom.

27. The Paper Angel tradition.

26. Sharing high school dance dresses.

25. Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. Enough said.

24. Mixed Cd’s.

23. Cheez Its and Neopolitan Ice Cream.

22. Family Hay Rides. Specifically the one where a certain great-aunt peed in the hay,

21. Our love of butter mints.

19. Cratepaper balls. I’m sure you could find those on Pinterest now.

18. Lisa Frank.

17. Pretend Ghosts at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

16. 925,600 Minutes.

15. Our shared love of New Girl.

14. That one time you were Valedictorian and homecoming queen.

13. Grandpa’s 71st Birthday song. Guessing by your career, you probably wrote that entire thing.

12. Soji Tabuchi’s Bathroom.

11. Playing church. Thanks Mike & Dan. You got us every time.

10. Thanksgiving 19 something something. – The year we put water on the front porch in hopes of it freezing as the weather turned bad so you could spend the night. So glad it worked.

9. Offices parties at 2502.

8. Watching you perform at the Skinny! So so proud!

7. Opening your ‘Post Card’ design at Christmas.

6. The excitement I still feel when I know you are going to be at a family thing. I guess that never goes away.

5. Driving past Crazy Horse with Grandma. ‘Oh, I just love horses.’

4. Our awkward middle school stages…they were so so awkward but at least we had each other.

3. Getting to graduate college together! Go Drury!

2. Running the Turkey Trot together. It is a Thanksgiving tradition.

1. Halloween 2011 – ‘Who are you? Willy Nelson?’


2 thoughts on “A Very Special 30th!

  1. I love this so much! You are the best. (Also your memory is the best. Holy cow!)
    I have to admit: I still remember much of the Happy Birthday Grandpa song…

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