Strawberry Pie & Life Lessons

Strawberry PieSometimes things, for whatever reason, just don’t work out.

This pie, for instance, is one of those things.

I had made this pie for Mother’s Day. I was so excited about how delicious it was going to be. Homemade crust, a layer of cream cheese and strawberry deliciousness. It should have been amazing…and I guess it did taste that way. The shear chemistry of this pie did not work out, at least not making it 24 hours ahead. I got to my grandparents for lunch, opened it up and…wanted to cry. I had made strawberry soup. The cream cheese and strawberry layer were at odds with one another, breaking down and creating strawberry soup. Should have known.

At least the Peanut Butter Trifle I had made for my brother still looked perfect.

Another thing that just didn’t work out this year: going to Uganda. I say that a little flippantly but I do not mean it in such a way. But honestly, how does one transition between pie and Africa?

A few months ago I had posted that after five years, I was finally going to go back to Uganda. In June, I would be boarding a plane and going to love on some of those sweet, sweet Ugandan babies.

In April, we found out that wouldn’t be the case.

Without going into a lot of detail (about surgeries and other fun things of that nature),  our partners and our dear friends from Uganda are actually still here in the states and will be for most of the summer. Since we had not paid for our airfare yet, we were able to cancel the tickets and hope for next year. There have been so many reasons why this has been good. So so good for our Ugandan friends. So good for lots of other reasons…but somedays I want to be selfish and throw a pity party. Those are the days I have to trust and be thankful for changed plans and the nice reminder that this life isn’t about me.

After exploring lots of different avenues, we will be taking a trip to Chicago with our team. We will have the opportunity to serve at an after school program and encourage a sweet spunky widow who we will be staying with.

Chicago is so different than what any of us had in mind.

Unlike a silly strawberry pie…soup…whatever, I know us not going to Uganda this year isn’t an accident. It is part of a plan.  It’s for His glory.


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