Christmas Shopping With Ean


This year, Ean is really starting to grasp Christmas. He is understanding that Christmas is the day we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. He also understands he will be getting presents too. I’ll be honest, I’m still not sure if we as adults can completely understand the dichotomy between Jesus’ birth and the crazy amounts of presents that show up on Christmas morning. Ean loves presents (as any three year old would) but I really want to teach him about the joy of giving.

I am a gift giver. People who know me know that is how I show someone I care. I can say hands down, there are few things I love more than picking out a gift especially for someone. I love it. I know that there are people who can take or leave gifts, but I’m not that way. It isn’t about the money, it is about the thought and time put into a gift.

Last night Ean and I took a trip to the Dollar Tree. Ean brought along his hand-me-down billfold holding two crisp one dollar bills and some change (for tax of course) from his very own piggy bank. We were on a mission; to find a gift for Daddy and Nora. He walked the isles picking up a few things and saying, ‘Daddy likes this.’ He finally ended up choosing a perfect gift and exclaimed with excitement, ‘Daddy really loves ___.’ (Sorry, Matt might decide to read my blog and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.) Next, we were off to the tiny baby section where Ean picked out a cute little bumblebee bowl for Nora. We slowly made our way through the toy section up to the counter where he handed the clerk his money. I know it seems so simple, but as a mom, I was so proud. It is hard to teach a three year old how to be selfless, especially when I don’t seem to have that lesson down myself.

As we were leaving, I picked him up and he said to me as we crossed the parking lot ‘Mom, we didn’t get you anything.’  My heart melted.

I can hardly wait for Christmas morning, when Matt opens his present picked out and paid for by his little guy.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping With Ean

  1. I tell people that I am a blessed man and I don’t think they understand. Our 5 grandchildren validate the true value of all things good, fresh and wholesome. I thank God I get to be involved in their lives. Also honorable mention to 2 good children and their spouses….

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