Happy 3rd Birthday Ean!

Three years ago, Matt and I found ourselves in the hospital with our new little baby boy. Man time goes by so fast. I am so thankful for Ean. He constantly keeps us laughing. He is such an amazing gift and a constant reminder of God’s perfect timing.

Three Things About Ean on His Third Birthday: 

1. He is a picky eater. (This is payback for my childhood, maybe someday, he too, will like tomatoes and broccoli). He does like corn on the cob and he calls it popcorn.

2. My friend Matt asked him yesterday ‘Ean, do you like school.’ He replied ‘Yes.’  Matt then asked, ‘What is your favorite part?’ Ean’s answer: ‘When Mom comes to pick me up.’

3. Ean sometimes will show up in our room around 3 AM because he has gotten scared, holding all of his ‘aminals.’ Such a huge load for a little guy; a blanket, Monkey, Monkey’s brother, lion, dog, Woody and baby monkey. It is priceless.


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