Christmas Cookies with Royal Icing

I love to make sugar cookies every year for Christmas. I love how they can bring a little color and life to a platter full of Christmas goodies. The kid in everyone wants to grab a bright and delicious sugar cookie around Christmas…at least once. The options are also endless to your creative mind!

Sugar Cookies

Your choice of Sugar Cookie Recipe. I love this one, cookies are soft, but dough can be rolled thin enough to hold cookie shape.

Royal Icing:

2 pounds confectioners sugar

1 cup water, plus more if needed

1/2 cup meringue powder ( I use Wilton)

Mix sugar, water, and meringue powder with a mixer on low speed until smooth, about 8 minutes. Icing should look like glue. Divide frosting and color. I use Wilton. Decorate Away. Cute and Delicious! Frosting needs to be used pretty quickly before it hardens.




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