My Little Slugger Is 2!

Today my little guy turns 2! Two years have gone by fast. I can not imagine my life without him. Over the past six months, my son has developed a obsession love for baseball. A couple of moths ago we decided on a vintage baseball theme for E’s second birthday.  This past Saturday we had a baseball birthday for him in my parent’s field. The plan was to celebrate and play baseball and t-ball with friends, food and music, the bad news is that it poured about 35 minutes into the party. The good news, we relocated the party to my parent’s garage and I don’t think anyone cared (well except for maybe me). After the rain, there was a great rainbow.

I found inspiration on the internet and some things were just our ideas. My parents had some of the old coke boxes. Sweet Shop Lulu and Hobby Lobby were my go to places for straws, ribbon, popcorn containers etc. Everything else was pretty much DIY: the invites, packaging, labels, baseball buckets, pennants, cookies, cake pops, cake and cupcakes. My husband and dad even created the fences…they only cost about $10 total for the deck screws.

Happy Birthday E!!! Hope you thought your party was a home run. Love you more than you know!


8 thoughts on “My Little Slugger Is 2!

  1. Love all of these photos! I also love sweet shop lulu and plan to order from there soon. Love that you have a blog and that I found it through flickr… the way there is a comment there for you.

    And congrats to you and your hubby for the little one in your life.

    Angela!!!! ❤

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