Where are the Double Stuffs?

One evening this week, I got into a very deep conversation with a friend (Jon Foster for those of you who know him, making this story more hilarious). The topic: the Double Stuff Oreo Cookie. In our discussion we both talked of our frustrations that the Double Stuff Oreo now contains the same amount of cream that the regular Oreo used to…and the regular Oreo only containing enough cream to smash the cookies together. Sigh. It is true. Pictured above are today’s Double Stuffs. 50% of the cream is missing. This is extremely disappointing. I just want a true double stuff…how they used to be.


One thought on “Where are the Double Stuffs?

  1. Unfortunately that’s been happening to a lot of products – not just the double stuffed oreo. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has noticed. I’m getting pretty tired of paying a higher price for less product with the manufacturer assuming I won’t notice.

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