Don’t Be Bashful

Thinking of my grandma today. My grandma would always tell us ‘Don’t be bashful,’ especially when there was food around. I heard that while in her kitchen more times than I can count. Now (thanks to my cousin Dan) a little piece of her kitchen wallpaper hangs in our kitchen with the words ‘Don’t be bashful.’


6 thoughts on “Don’t Be Bashful

  1. Jen, that is so thoughtful. What a beautiful gift. The best way to think of someone you love is with a smile, and this will bring you one every time you look at it. Kudos, Sarah!

  2. I think that it is time to share grandma’s mac and cheese and random floats to go with any ice cream and soda that is in the refrigerator

  3. We can’t help being like our parents! Fred and Ilene are alive and doing well in your aunt and i. Also i think it may have trickled down to you and Mike! How about that G.G.?

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