Monkey & His Boy

I have been spending a lot of quality time with this little guy lately. He is at an incredibly cute and inquisitive age. I love it.

Ean has a green monkey friend from Pier One. My mom gave it to him, and he loves it.
Ean has had his little pal for about a year now. He sleeps with it every night and plays with it around the house. They are pretty much inseparable. He is worn and his tail is about 4 inches longer than when he got it. I bought a replacement just in case (God forbid) something would happen to it…but Ean won’t have anything to do with it. Monkey is his and he is Monkey’s.


2 thoughts on “Monkey & His Boy

  1. My son has the same monkey! This post came up when I was searching for a backup… like you, JUST IN CASE!

    Ford is 14 months old and “monkey” is his very best friend. He also chews on his tail. :). Monkey even made it into the family Christmas card pictures!

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