Chocolate Cake Pops

I made these Cake Pops for a baby shower that some girlfriends and I are hosting on Sunday. My sweet and talented friend Erin is working on the cupcakes, and I made these little guys.  The recipe is from Bakerell’s Cake Pops that I got for Christmas. To get you started the recipe calls for a baked cake from a box cake mix, I used chocolate. 3/4 tub of ready-made frosting. I actually was making some buttercream for a birthday, so I just used homemade. I will say this change makes the Cake Pops even tastier. Finally a bit of candy coating. You can check out Bakerell’s blog for more ideas and more of the recipe.


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Cake Pops

    • Thanks Belinda! I bought red because it takes a bunch of color to make it, but I actually just used my wilton gel pastes and oil. I don’t know if that is what you are supposed to do…but it works I guess. 🙂

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