5 Cupcake Products I’m Fond Of

I just took some cupcakes out of the oven that are waiting to be frosted and photographed. It got me thinking about a few cupcake products that I am happy to have in my kitchen.

Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes

This is a wonderful cookbook. The photography is amazing and the recipes are so delicious.


Stoneware Muffin Pan

I believe I already shared my obsession with you, but I really do love stoneware. I have two of these muffin pans.

Cute Cupcake Liners

Ok. I don’t really use these all of the time because the design tends to get lost, especially with chocolate cake. However, they are super cute and fun!











Cupcake Sponge

My mom put this little sponge in my stocking this year. It makes muffin/cupcake clean up very easy.

The Cup-a-Cake

This single cupcake carrier is great for lunches! It keeps the cupcake nice and cute. Lucky Matt, he gets to take it to work every now and then.




2 thoughts on “5 Cupcake Products I’m Fond Of

  1. My mom totally got me one of the muffin pan sponge things too. I think our mom’s bought them together! I haven’t used it yet but I saw it in Real Simple awhile back and wanted one.

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