Fourteen Days and a Few Lessons

Matt has been in India for the past 2 weeks, so I have been single mommin’ it. I have learned a few things over these past 14 days and I thought I would share.

My Son Is A Wonderful Personal Trainer. This one I never would expected. Because Matt wasn’t here, I didn’t get to the gym very much (Nora is still too young for childcare). I did, however, do some workout videos and some cross training in our house. Ean would often wake up about the time I was doing this and would want to exercise with me. There were a couple days that I worked out twice a day because my son insisted on doing ‘exercisin’ in the morning and at night. Thanks for the motivation E!

Matt is way better at mowing the yard. I mowed. I honestly don’t mind it for two reasons: Exercise. Tan. He is better at it. I also do not weed eat because I don’t really know how.

I┬áreally only had to make half the bed. I don’t move a lot when I am sleeping, so really I only had to make half the bed when Matt was gone. It took less than 5 seconds. :)

Nap time. This is probably obvious, but nap time is even more glorious when there is only one of you.

I’m Thankful. Matt had been gone all of 6 hours when I realized how thankful I am for friends and family. Friends and family are always there sharing life with us, I just noticed it more when Matt was gone. There were countless blessings that came my way over the past week and to our friends and family who were part of that, I want to say thanks. From leaving surprises on my doorstep, watching our kids for a bit, hilarious and heartfelt group texts, spending time with the three of us and answering dumb questions about recycling or poison ivy. I am so thankful that God has placed you in our lives and I am overwhelmed with His goodness.

I Miss My Best Friend. To be honest, these past 2 weeks weren’t as hard as I thought they were going to be (Don’t get me wrong we had our moments). I enjoyed my time with our kids, but there was always someone missing. The person I pester and annoy, the person who loves to watch Meberts (yea that is E’s nickname) do silly things just as much as I do, the person who loves to snuggle with Nora and the person who messes up the other side of the bed. My husband. I’m proud of him for going, but I’m so ready to have him back tomorrow!


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